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Credit Risk Management System

Credit Pro

Credit Evaluation

Credit Scoring

• Suggests Credit Limit
• Parent/Child Credit Roll Ups
• Attach Support Documents

• Calculates Credit Score
• Customizable Templates
• Archive Credit Workups

Workload Organizer


• Prioritizes Workloads
• Tickler File Reminders
• Database Query Tool

• Multiple Standard Reports
• Ad Hoc Report Wizard
• Measure Credit Risks

Corporate Profile

  • Complete Risk Management System
  • Support Documentation Storage
  • Maintains Parent/Child Relationships for Subsidiaries, Affiliates, Divisions
  • Consolidates Credit Limit and Aging for all Affiliates
  • Calculate Suggested Credit Limits
  • Calculates Credit Scores
  • Calculates Potential Risk Dollars
  • Develop Prospect Data Online for New Accounts
  • Attach and Store Support Documentation
  • Archive Credit Reviews
  • Web Links to Your Favorite Credit Web Sites
  • 34 Customizable Fields

Financial Statements, Bank & Trade References

  • Record Financial Statements and Credit Reference Data Online for Quick Analysis
  • Calculates Key Financial Statement Ratios
  • 3rd Party Credit Reports can be Attached to Each Customer File and Retrieved Online, such as D&B, Experian, Equifax, Credit Group Reports, etc.
  • Tickler Files for Quick Follow Up

Alternative Financing

  • Record Pertinent Alternative Financing Data Online for Follow Up, such as Credit Insurance, Letters of Credit, Mechanics Liens, Security and Guarantor Agreements
  • Manage Important Legal Filings and Expiration Dates
  • Tickler Files for Quick Follow Up

Credit Evaluation / Scoring

  • Archive Credit Limit Recommendations and Approvals
  • Manage Credit Risks by Breaking Credit Limit Into 3 Components (Credit Qualified Line, Alternative Financing Line and Business Decision Line)
  • Unlimited Contact Directory
  • Use Customized WORD Templates to Email, Fax or Print
  • Prepare Credit Reference Responses & Email, Fax or Print
  • Establish Credit Limit Review Cycles
  • Review and Analyze a Variety of Credit Evaluation Reports
  • Customizable Value Sets for Credit Scoring
  • Create Multiple Risk Levels for Different Business Segments or Economic Market Conditions
  • Suggests Credit Limit Using Internal Credit Data in Conjunction with Customizable Value Sets

Workload Organizer

  • Consolidates Tickler File Follow Up Notes on One Screen
  • User Toggles to Tickler File Follow Up to each Area with One Click
  • Use Database Queries to Prioritize Workload Action Items
  • Use Database Queries to Create Excel Spreadsheets
  • Quickly Locate Customers Who Have Broken Payment Promises


  • Program Comes With Standard Reports
  • Easy to Use Report Wizard for Creating Ad Hoc Reports
  • Print, Fax or Email Reports with Just 2 Clicks
  • Measure Employee Performance as well as A/R Results

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