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Collection Management System

Collection Pro



• Log & Archive Calls
• Monitor Payment Promises
• Monitor Action Items

• Multiple Standard Reports
• Ad Hoc Report Wizard
• Measure Credit Risks

Workload Organizer

System Adminstration

• Prioritizes Workloads
• Tickler File Reminders
• Database Query Tool

• Customize Aging Periods
• Customize Drop Down Menus
• Customize Dunning Letters

Collection Module (Enterprise Edition)

  • Complete Collection Program
  • Manage & Monitor Collection Calls
  • Monitor Payment Promises
  • Export Data to Excel for Further Analysis
  • Support Documentation Storage
  • Create WORD Templates as Form Letters
  • Prepare Statements of Faxing or Email
  • Dunning Letters for Faxing or Email
  • Manage Tickler File Reminders
  • Management Reports
  • 39 Additional Customizable Fields

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Workload Organizer Module

  • Consolidates Tickler File Follow Up Notes on One Screen
  • User Toggles to Tickler File Follow Up to each Area with One Click
  • Use Database Queries to Prioritize Workload Action Items
  • Use Database Queries to Create Excel Spreadsheets
  • Quickly Locate Customers Who Have Broken Payment Promises


Report Module

  • Program Comes with Standard Reports
  • Easy to use Report Wizard for Creating Ad Hoc Reports
  • Print, Fax or Email Reports with Just 2 Clicks
  • Measure Employee Performance as Well as A/R Results

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